CSS Gallery List


Why submission sites are needed?

CSS galleries are platform where you can submit your websites and themes to get reckoning results for being observed.

CSS is an acronym that stands for Cascading Style Sheets which help save time, money and enhance the user experience. It is generally a master code or language just like we have sdks to write programs.

What makes CSS galleries time savvy is its feature of follow up updates. One change on any of your site's CSS style sheet and it will automatically be reflected in other pages as well, creating consistency throughout the site. It also reduces the bandwidth size since the CSS separates the site's content from it's design language.

The economical part of using CSS galleries is the features that come up with it like Back way links and traffic feed generator. The exposure range is certainly enlarged. Though, the range is variable. Also there are some CSS galleries that do not charge to submit websites. This makes the promotion in affordable manner.

CSS is used to explain the appearance of a web page's markup language including colors, layouts, fonts and various other design aspects. In case, you already have an existing website with tables, you still can convert and take advantage of the CSS. Thus, CSS enhances the user experience.

Who are they meant for?

People mostly browse galleries to find sites that have won awards. What is conferred from the winning sites is moreover its UX/UI design for the product it's meant for. All the colors, fonts, layout, graphics used, transition between pages, content and much more is people can play with and come up with the best award winning website.

Getting ranked as first in thousands of entries across the globe in itself an accolade or badge of honor. Web designers can submit their work in galleries so that they can add such accolades in their portfolios. This serves as leverage to get future web design contracts.

A gallery isn't relevant to a marketing business, a shoe shop, or a mechanic. However, they've legitimate links from legitimates sites, and each carry some positive value.

How do they do it?

What all you need to submit in a CSS gallery for particular site or portfolio is as following:

  1. Snapshot of your website design
  2. Domain URL
  3. Summary of the nature of brand (with appropriate keywords)

This goes in test of accepting it or just reject it based on predefined criterias. Once approved, the site is on gallery open for users to rate. While, giving the uploader more visitors and various other features for analysis and improvement. Many galleries also hire a panel of judges and experienced authorities for review and ranking purposes.

Top three Galleries recommendations for 2018

There have been countless galleries coming up with different set of features. Though, Awwwards have been leading the charts, here are the three galleries you must try for more specific results and accolades.

Design Nominees

A fairly new website, Design Nominees has attracted masses. It's progressing like forest fire. You can not only submit websites but mobile applications, games or themes too. It's open and free platform with two paid packages - Premium package for $10 and Sponsored Package for $25. It's in the paid submission, that you are provided with a do-follow link which is a great bonus. Domain authority is not as high as of now but shall definitely rise in future based on it's current progress in traffic.

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CSS Light

This CSS gallery is gaining attention for its quick review time. Even a free submission is acknowledged within three days and can at max take one week but not beyond it. The range of sponsored submissions are diverse. The premium submission is for $15 while other is $120. But it has a satisfactory domain authority which is also supposed to increase.

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This CSS gallery is has interesting sponsored packages. But before that, the free submissions take about a week to be acknowledged. The Premium package for $19.99 has review time of just a day with other good features.

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These rookie platforms don't exhibit high domain authority like other sites for now. But the progress rate shows that they are going to be most visited and preferred platforms in near future. To add some more preferred platforms from previous years, refer the following table.